Tasteful Tuesday: Bakeshop Edition

Today begins a new chapter chronicling one of my great loves: food.

From reviewing best eats to sharing scrumptious recipes, its about to get delicious up in this piece. Word.

On a recent trip to the DC area, my sister introduced me to Bakeshop.  A staple of Arlington, VA, this bakery executes familiar treats to a memorable degree.  From the first bite, you’re instantly planning a next visit!

Corinne introduced me to the mother of all ice cream sandwiches – the Chipwich: vegan scratch-made soy ice cream wrapped with slightly undercooked cookies for a perfect, creamy, doughy-yet-crispy bite.

IMG_0596.PNG (Photo credit: Bakeshop)

With combinations like gingersnap and lemon, coffee and double chocolate, vanilla and classic chocolate chunk, its impossible to only eat one.  Mmm…Chipwich…

Though these sandwiches pleased my palette, it was the smallest Bakeshop offering that truly blew. my. MIND!   Unassumingly displayed near the register, one might overlook these paper-wrapped bundles of perfection.

IMG_0595.PNG(Photo credit: Bakeshop)

Thank goodness my sister knew better!  As we drove away, Corinne handed me a small taste.  Flavor burst to the point I had to stop the car!  OH MY STARS!

If you love butter…and who doesn’t love butter?!…especially butter perfectly combined with brown sugar and cream and seasoned to a sweet-and-salty euphoric state…

…then you will LOVE Bakeshop’s Sea Salt Caramels!  I savored that delightful bite long past the last swallow.  My only regret was not purchasing the entire lot!

So if you’re in Northern Virginia or DC or anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, get yourself to Bakeshop.  Good news – they deliver by mail too!

You’re welcome, America.


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