Welcome, friend.

Thanks for joining me through musings and pondered moments on this site.

I’m Patience.

I’m a daughter, a sister, a proud aunt, a once wife and now single mama of 2 amazing earthbound kiddos and 1 treasure in heaven.

I’m a writer, a speaker, an advocate, a curious soul learning from the tomes of life and experience.

I’m a devourer of all things delectable, be they cuisine or literary.

I’m a girl growing in understanding of just how bottomless God’s grace is, how unfathomable His love, how desperately needed His forgiveness, how sovereign His Author’s pen, how truly good the Gospel’s news, and how kind His heart towards us all.

In short, I’m a fellow sojourner on this road called life, sharing lessons from faith and failure as I go.

Life is an adventure.  God is faithful.  Always.

Won’t you come along?

::Patience Leino